Because your fuel delivery system must operate well at all times,, you should not take for granted a malfunctioning pump that may be a result of a damaged Volvo fuel pump relay. It is your ride's fuel pump relay that controls the operation of the fuel pump simply by feeding it with the electricity required to activate and deactivate the pump.

Compared with various other auto parts, it can be easy to determine a faulty fuel pump relay because its first sign is difficulty in activating the vehicle; there are also instances when your pump generates odd noise for almost 10 seconds and up just after startup, however this doesn't suggest replacing the relay at once because it is also probable the pump itself is acting up. It is therefore wise for you to find out the problem initially and in case you are pretty sure that it is your fuel pump relay that's bringing about all the issues within your fuel delivery as well as ignition components, then don't hesitate in fixing or even changing it.

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