If your automotive fuel pumphas become erratic or stops functioning, it's possible that the Mercedes Benz fuel pump relay is damaged. A little mechanism enclosed in a plastic container, your fuel pump relay consists of some sprockets linked into the automobile's ignition in order to regulate the pump's actions based on the adjustments of the ignition.

Whenever your engine demands for more time than usual to crank up, and when the fuel pump does not work for a while after turning the key right in the ignition, those are signs the fuel pump relay is starting to be erratic; even so, it isn't smart to replace your relay immediately because there's also a chance that the issue lies in the pump itself. It is therefore wise for you to troubleshoot the trouble firstly and in case you are confident that it's your fuel pump relay that is creating the problems in your ignition and fuel delivery systems, then do not hesitate in fixing or possibly replacing it.

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