Car Fuel Pump Relays

Fuel is useless if it's just sitting in the tank; that's why a fuel pump, with the help of a fuel pump relay, makes sure that it reaches the engine. Fuel, through your car's fuel dispensing system, needs to be processed and mixed in with air before being injected to the engine cylinders where the mixture is ignited in order to generate power for your car. But for all that to happen, the relay would first need to switch on the pump.

Specifically, the car fuel pump relay is a switch that turns the fuel pump on once you start the engine. Likewise, it's also responsible for turning off the pump when you turn off the ignition. The relay itself is actually just a small component that's encased in protective plastic; it's controlled by your car's electrical control unit or ECU-the engine's brain. Depending on the make and model of your car, the relay can usually be found under the hood, on the firewall, on the fender cover, or by the steering column. But regardless of its location, it needs to be mounted securely as not to be damaged. Why? Because a damaged and failing car fuel pump relay is a big liability; leave it unchecked and you might be looking at even more severe damage to the fuel dispensing system in the future.

Avoid this expensive and daunting issue from happening by inspecting the relay regularly for any signs of damage. Also, remember that a faulty relay will hinder proper fuel flow, adversely affecting engine operation. So once you see the early warning signs of part failure, go for a high-quality replacement right away.

And what might be the early warning signs of failing fuel pump relays? Good question. If your car's having start-up problems when the engine is hot-or when the engine has seen recent use-then your relay might be failing. But if the engine is cold or hasn't been used recently, a failing relay won't be a problem during start-up. Try starting up in both hot and cold engine conditions, and then compare results. And should you conclude that the relay needs replacement, where would be a good place to get one?

Well, if you need to, you can simply install a fuel pump relay available at Parts Train. And should you need anything else to keep your car's fuel dispensing system working at optimum condition, don't hesitate to look through our catalog. After all, we have over a million parts, accessories, and components you can choose from. If your car's showing the signs of failure we've mentioned earlier, don't even hesitate to replace the offending component as soon as you can. Remember: prevention is always better than a cure; keep your car healthy by installing only high-quality components-components available at Parts Train.