Since your vehicle's gasoline tank is situated far away from the car engine, the fuel delivery unit needs a pump to transport enough gasoline into your car's injectors. Without a fully functional Volvo S70 fuel pump, the engine may not get enough gasoline, which could then cause a variety of engine troubles. During a worst case scenario, the engine might not start all because of a damaged gasoline pump.

Various vehicle problems can lead to a fully busted pump. One possible culprit is a jammed fuel delivery filter; when this filter goes bad, your car's pump is pushed to work beyond its limits. The stubborn grime that's blocking the fuel filter might also get into the pump, further pushing this component to break down faster. Now good thing this car component is quite easy to fix. When shopping for a brand-new Volvo S70 fuel pump, keep in mind the brand, the material it's made of, and its suitability with your vehicle specs.

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