To get a full blasting engine you need a full gas tank, a good running fuel injector and a fully functioning fuel pump. For most drivers these days, having a car they can rely on all the time is very important. They depend largely on their cars to bring them to their important corporate meetings. Good thing there is a Volkswagen they can depend on to offer them the durability, strength and performance they look for in a car. But owning a Volkswagen does not only mean always keeping your fuel tank full of gas. It also means taking care of all the important components including the fuel pump.

Your basic knowledge on automotive technology would tell you that fuel pumps are the fuel system component that push the fuel to travel from the tank to the engine. Without the pump, the gas will just sit idly on the tank. In the past, when electric fuel pumps were not yet used, engines operate using mechanical fuel pumps. But with today's high demand for better engine performance and the need to deliver the right amount of fuel all the time, electric fuel pump is a better option.

With the remote placement of electric fuel pumps, which is inside the fuel tank, the liquid around the pump keeps it cool, allowing the pump to operate more effectively. But wear and tear is still inevitable. Contamination is the number one nemesis of fuel pumps. If your fuel pump unexpectedly fails and shows no pressure when the camshaft lever is hit, check the pump for contamination. A loud whining from the pump can also signify that there is trouble along the way. Clogged fuel filter can also cause your fuel pump to fail as it can hinder the fuel from going to the engine.

As soon as you notice these symptoms in your Volkswagen, address the problem immediately. Clean the clogged air filter or replace the fuel pump if necessary. Do not put off replacement because a damaged fuel pump can gravely affect the function of the entire fuel system. Let your mechanic do the replacement if you are not sure how to do the process. After installing the new fuel pump, make sure that you follow the maintenance guide that the manufacturer recommends. This way you can ensure that the pump will last a long time. In addition, make it a point to always keep your fuel tank at least semi full to keep your pump cool and avoid residues from building up at the pumps intake.

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