Just like human beings, your vehicle's fuel injection system also has its heart and that is the fuel pump. Typically positioned near or inside the fuel tank, the fuel pump does two very significant tasks. First is to drive the fuel from the tank to the fuel injectors and second, to produce enough pressure in order for the vehicle's fuel injectors to transport right amount of fuel under all operating conditions. The pressure that's made by the pump and the quantity of the fuel that it flows should meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers or else, the automobile's emissions, performance and economy will surely suffer.

In vehicles made before 1970s, the pump employed was driven mechanically via a lobe found on the engine's camshaft and bolted to the engine block. Such pump made a negative pressure that sucks the gasoline throughout the lines. But the downside is, the said negative pressure when combined with heat coming from the engine and hot weather can lead to boiling of gasoline. And consequently, the fuel pump will become unable to suck more gasoline to the vehicle's engine.

The electric fuel pump, on the other hand, generates positive pressure in the fuel lines and drives the gasoline to the engine. This type of fuel pump constantly runs, that's why after years of service, their brushes, commutator and armature bushings become wear out. Also, the rollers, pump vanes and gears can wear out leading to steady loss of flow and pressure. Moreover, when rust or sediment reaches the inlet filter sock, accelerated wear can take place. For cooling and lubrication, the fuel pump depends on the fuel that passes through it. If the fuel pump starves for fuel, that's another factor that can make it wear out easily.

If you notice that your Suzuki fuel pump malfunctioning, check first its voltage supply and all its electrical connections. A loose wire, blown fuse or open relay can be the factors that affect the proper functioning of the pump. Also, low battery voltage can lessen the pump's capability of producing pressure by lessening the pump motor's speed. If the time comes that your Suzuki fuel pump already needs replacement, the best place to shop is at Parts Train. This is one of the industry's most reliable auto-part stores that carry wide range of top-quality Suzuki auto parts and accessories including Suzuki fuel pump.