Since your vehicle's gas tank is located far from the engine, the gas delivery system needs a special pump to transport enough gasoline into your car's main injectors. Without the Scion Xa fuel pump, the car engine won't get enough fuel, which could then cause a variety of engine troubles. In a worst case scenario, your engine might not start at all due to a broken gasoline pump.

Different vehicle problems can be behind a damaged pump. If a fuel filter gets jammed with grime, the gasoline pump will rapidly wear out; it'll have to pump harder just to inject the fuel through the busted filter. It's quite possible for this pump to get filled with debris flowing from the actual filter, so be sure to regularly check the filter for signs of damage. When the pump breaks, don't you worry; getting a replacement fuel pump is a cinch, if you know where to begin looking. When looking for a new Scion Xa fuel pump, take note of the brand, the material used, and its suitability with your car make and model.

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