If the human body needs blood and water for its organs and system to function, your vehicle also needs water and fuel to be able to operate. Fuel is the most important component of your car. Without it, your car would not be able to run and take you to your destination. Then again, the fuel cannot work alone. This element would need the aid of the entire components of the fuel system in order to power your car. So what are the components of the car's fuel system? The subcomponents of your car's fuel system include the fuel tank and cap, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel injectors, and the fuel pump of course. Your Scion fuel pump is the one in charge for drawing out fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors using high-pressure. To be precise, from the fuel tank, the fuel pump pushes the fuel all the way through the fuel lines and transmits the fuel into the fuel filter and finally to the fuel injectors. Fuel pumps come in two kinds: the mechanical fuel pump and the electric fuel pump. The mechanical fuel pump was used in carbureted vehicles while the electric fuel pump is utilized in vehicles with electronic fuel injection. A mechanical pump runs off the rotation of the engine so the pump in carbureted vehicles is mounted at the side of the engine. In an electronic fuel injection, the fuel pump is required to be installed at the source, that is, next or inside the fuel tank. Electronic fuel pump, meaning it is powered and controlled not manually but electronically. Its operation can be recognized by a soft, stable humming sound that comes from the back of the vehicle. Now, your Scion fuel pump ought to produce sufficient pressure so that your fuel injectors would be able to dispense the right amount of fuel to the cylinder chamber. This can be attained if your Scion fuel pump is in its good working order all the time. That's why regular checkup on your Scion fuel pump is indeed necessary. Performing this can help you to be aware whether your car's fuel pump needs a repair or if it's already beyond repair and replacement is required. Your Scion fuel pump should be changed if you check the fuel delivery end of your car's fuel system and there's no fuel delivered to your engine. Anyway, you can find a wide selection of Scion fuel pump here at Parts Train so there's really nothing to worry about. Parts Train will provide your premium quality fuel pumps that would last longer more than you expected. For questions, our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to assist you with your shopping.