We inhale poisonous gases every time we step out of our house. Most of these gases are from car engines. With the thousands of cars in our roads everyday, your chance of breathing in these harmful substances is huge. For this reason, it is important that car owners make sure that their fuel system is always in excellent condition to reduce the amount of dangerous gases that it give out.

Saturn vehicles have been designed with utmost quality fuel system that ensures that the car's emission contains less poison. Each fuel system contains a fuel pump that draws the gas from the engine. The two types of fuel pump available in the market today are the electric and mechanical fuel pumps. The electric fuel pump is the one used in vehicles with electronic fuel injectors. On the other hand, the mechanical fuel pump is the one used in carbureted engines. This type of pump is usually located beside the engine. Since a carbureted engine uses the vacuum principle in delivering fuel to the engine, it needs help in pushing the fuel, which is the job given to the mechanical fuel pump.

Electric fuel pumps are usually the choice of car manufacturers these days. In this type of pump a computer controls the fuel delivery system. Since this pump does not need a pre-existing energy to push the fuel, the electric fuel pump is mounted within or next to the fuel tank. Because of these features of the electric fuel pump, its operation is usually smooth, soft and steady.

Fuel pumps must have filters or strainers in them to keep contaminants away from the system. These contaminants can affect the delivery of fuel that is why it is important that you regularly check on it to make sure that the fuel system is clean and operating perfectly. If fuel pumps are left grimy, your engine may just die on you and leave you stranded on the road. If, however, your fuel pump has obtained enough damage to leave your car constantly dying on you, consider buying a new pump right away. Make sure though that you buy the exact pump as your original. You may also encounter difficulties in replacing the pump. Don't hesitate to contact your mechanic. Remember that a simple mistake can gravely affect the performance of your fuel system.

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