To be sure that the right amount of gas flows into your vehicle's injectors, your auto's fuel assembly absolutely needs a functional pump. Without the Pontiac Parisienne fuel pump, your engine might not get enough fuel, which could then cause a variety of car problems. If this pump is busted, you shouldn't be surprised if your engine unexpectedly stops or will not start properly.

There are many reasons why this pump breaks down. One possible culprit is a clogged fuel delivery filter; if this filter gets clogged, your ride's pump is pushed to work harder. It's very possible for a pump to get jammed with debris flowing from the gasoline filter, so be sure to regularly check the filter for symptoms of clogging. If the pump breaks, don't you worry; buying a replacement fuel pump is a cinch, if you actually know where you must look. Make sure you do have your vehicle's specs ready to make shopping for a replacement component easy.

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