Gas price hike is very common these days and there's nothing we can do about it. However, there are lots of easy and less costly things that we can do to our vehicles in order to achieve the best possible miles per gallon. There are three factors to consider if you want to beat your vehicle's EPA mileage claims. And these are maximizing the efficiency of your engine, decreasing parasitic losses and altering your driving habits and style. But aside from these three, you also achieve maximum fuel economy by tuning up or making sure that the components making up your vehicle's ignition and fuel system are well functioning and in tiptop condition.

One of the parts that affect fuel delivery to the engine is the fuel pump. Since the fuel reservoir is positioned in the vehicle's opposite end, there must be something that would propel the gas toward the engine. And that job is left for the fuel pump. Fuel pumps are of two types — the mechanical and the electric fuel pump. The mechanical fuel pump is typically used on vehicle's employing carburetors. It is the pump that generates low pressure and is powered by the engine.

Most vehicles today feature electric fuel pump due to the fuel injection's universal application and because it is necessary for high pressures. Electrical fuel tanks can be found inside the gas tank, however, there are some vehicles wherein the pump is placed within the unibody channel or the frame. The electric fuel pump usually contains a strainer in order to filter out contaminants and it is powered by its electric motor. Fuel serves both as a coolant and a lubricant for its motor. The electrical control circuit of electric fuel pumps is made up of a relay, a fuse and wiring. The said circuit works together with the vehicle's powertrain control module, the part which manages and checks the operation of the fuel pump.

The basic job of your Mitsubishi fuel pump is to give off fuel with the right volume and pressure for the delivery of the fuel injection system or the carburetor. If ever you notice that your Mitsubishi fuel pump isn't doing its function well, better have it checked by a professional technician. Mechanical fuel pumps don't need maintenance but they should be immediately replaced at first sign of damage. For electric fuel pumps, a clean and regularly-replaced fuel filter can largely help in extending its life.

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