Mini parts quality and accessibility has improved considerably over the years. Its high performance parts have enhanced the strength and power of your Mini car. As one of the most important parts, the Mini fuel pump has also gone through many innovations.

The fuel pump is basically the life of your car. Because it is the fuel pump that pushes the gas to the engine, if it is not performing well your car is good as nothing. And if there is not enough fuel in the engine your car will likewise perform poorly. The best way to design your fuel pump is to determine first the performance level that you desire. After detaining the amount of fuel and performance that you want you can now decide on the kind of fuel pump to use on your engine.

In most car types the fuel pump is a container type mechanism that is installed in the car with shock absorbing mounts and is aligned with the fuel line from the gas tank. The two kinds of fuel pump is the mechanical and electric fuel pump. The mechanical fuel pump is mostly used with carbureted cars. But this type of pump provides low fuel pressure. The electric fuel pump, on the other hand, uses a computer to check the flow of fuel in the system.

The initial power that runs the fuel pump when you start your engine comes from the double relay. As long as your engine is running the pump is also working. And when you turn off your engine, the double relay will stop pumping fuel into the pump but it will continue running. In case of an accident and the engine stops working, the fuel pump will also stop running. The check valve will also close to prevent the gas tank from draining.

Worn out fuel pump is not unusual. Most cars especially those with electronic fuel injection experiences this trouble. When there is something wrong with the fuel pump the car will basically stammer and refuse to start. But when it does start it might still give out. Eventually, the fuel pump will fail entirely. Although the average expected usage of a fuel pump is 100,000 miles, sooner or later you will notice that the different parts of the fuel pump will weaken with heat, continuous use and lack of lubrication. When this happen it is time to replace your fuel pump. Keep in mind that replacing your fuel pump as soon as possible is vital to avoid damaging the other engine parts.

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