We are all aware that the fuel is what makes your engine run. But how can the fuel provide the needed power if it has no fuel-sending unit? This is where the fuel pump comes into use. The fuel pump is what sends the fuel through the steel lines to the fuel filter. So, for your Mercedes Benz car having a good set of fuel pump is essential for a good running engine.

Generally, cars that use carburetors have a mechanical fuel pump. This mechanical fuel pump is mounted on the engine block and is driven by the camshaft. However, most cars nowadays use the electric fuel pump. This is because of the widespread application of fuel injection and its need for higher pressures. Electric pumps are usually mounted inside the fuel tank but there are cars where the pump is located at the frame channel. One advantage of the electric fuel pump is that is has its own electrical control unit. This circuit, which is typically composed of wires, relay and fuses, interacts with the vehicle's powertrain control to govern and monitor fuel pump operation.

When there is disruption in the electric current that hinders with the pressure your Mercedes Benz fuel pump may fail. Keep in mind that a contaminated fuel pump can take the toll on your car's life. Keeping your tank full at all times can help protect the pump. This is because having plenty of fuel in the tank helps keep the pump from getting too warm. Since too much heat can damage your pump keeping it full can reduce the heat and keep it cool. Additionally, a full tank can help reduce the chances of sediment pick-up at the fuel pump inlet strainer.

Once you see that there is something wrong with your fuel pump do not ignore it. Remember that it always pay to address any problem as soon as possible. Symptoms of a broken or faulty fuel pump includes stalling, hesitation, poor performance and a loud pump whine. If when you attempt to accelerate your car hesitates or bucks or if it takes you forever to starts your vehicle, it is time to have it checked out by a qualified service mechanic immediately. If you are replacing your fuel pump consider replacing your fuel pump relay and oil pump switch as well since these parts are located in the same area and will likely deteriorate at the same rate.

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