Since your car's fuel tank is located far from the actual engine, the gas delivery unit has to use a special pump to force enough gasoline into the injectors. A worn out Mazda Protege fuel pump can cause gasoline delivery troubles, preventing your auto's engine from getting gas to keep your ride working. If your pump wears out, do not be shocked if the engine stops or just won't rev up exactly the way it used to.

There are many reasons why this component fails. Once a fuel filter gets clogged with grime, the pump will quickly break down; it will have to actually pump harder so as to transport the fuel through the jammed filter. The gunk that's jamming the actual filter can also get into the pump, forcing this component to wear out faster. If the pump breaks, don't you worry; getting a replacement is easy, as long as you actually know where to begin looking. When looking for a shiny, new Mazda Protege fuel pump, take note of the manufacturer, the material used, and if it's suitable with your ride's specifications.

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