If there's a fundamental part of the internal-combustion technology that gives your automobile the power it must have to do just what it has to do, it's the Mazda 6 fuel pump-a part that shouldn't be taken lightly. If, by chance, you're running on a broken fuel pump, you'll unquestionably feel the ill-effects of this sooner than later; the simple truth is, your Mazda 6 is dependent upon an operating pump to carry out its job properly.

The first things you'll be treated to, in case you are running on a ruined Mazda 6 fuel pump, are stalling and misfires-traditional indications of trouble. Throughout startup, your Mazda 6 will have a problem, if it even starts in the least. With a broken fuel pump, you can only hope for a much dirty, more inefficient engine-a guarantee of reduced gasoline consumption, in addition to even deeper holes in your wallet.

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