Being the heart of an automobile's fuel injection system, the fuel pump's task is twofold. It is responsible for pushing the fuel from its reservoir to the injector and for producing enough pressure in order for the injectors to deliver the right amount of fuel in all working conditions. The pressure that's generated by the fuel pump and the volume of the fuel it delivers should always meet the car maker's requirements, or else, the performance of the engine and the vehicle's economy and emissions will be compromised.

The required quantity of fuel pressure for a certain application will usually depend on the injectors' flow manners, the type of the injection system used and the fuel requirements of the engine. If your Lexus fuel pump fails to meet the required pressure and fuel flow, troubles on vehicle emissions and drivability can arise. A defective fuel tank or the unit that's incapable of producing sufficient pressure can disturb your fuel system's calibration. As a result, your engine may run lean or may go hungry for fuel, leading to poor quality when idle, hard starting, stumbling or hesitating especially when accelerating and lack of high-speed power.

Fuel pumps, particularly the electric units, operate constantly. And after long service years, wear may occur in the brushes, armature bushings and the commutator. Then, the rollers or gears and the pump vanes may also wear out resulting to a slow but sure loss of flow and pressure. Speedy wear may also take place if the rust or sediment arrives in the inlet filter sock at earlier period. And in some cases, a fuel pump becomes defective if the contaminant gets in and blocked it. This can cause the vehicle's motor to overheat and worst, to burn out.

Whenever your Lexus fuel pump fails to do its normal function, the best thing to do is to check the electrical connections and voltage supply of your fuel pump. Check for loose wire or open relay because they might be the one's stopping your fuel pump from working. Also, low voltage of the battery can trim down the ability of your fuel pump to produce pressure by decreasing the pump motor's speed.

If your original Lexus fuel pump is already damaged or defective, be very sure that the replacement unit you'll get meets all the original equipment fuel performance specifications. Choosing the right fuel pump for your Lexus means more than searching for the unit that matches the size of your engine and your car's year, make and model. You should make sure that your replacement Lexus fuel pump will fit and will perform just like your original unit. The good news is, Parts Train has the replacement Lexus fuel pump that meets your fuel performance specifications, and perfectly fits your engine size as well as your Lexus model.