One of the well-known brands of cars that we have today is the Land Rover. A British car maker that now produces a wide variety of off-road vehicles and SUVs. Upon its first release at the Amsterdam Motor Show on April 30, 1948, the name Land Rover was only used to refer to one car — the civilian all-terrain utility vehicle. But as time went on, this was used as the brand name for a wide-range of four-wheel drives.

The great thing about the Land Rover is that you can use this for different purposes not just for adventures because of its elegant exterior. Since it is equipped with performance parts it provides excellent road handling and control management. When it comes to engine function the Land Rover runs on premium unleaded fuel that is facilitated by the multi-point injection fuel system. This allows for the efficient distribution of fuel that will be used in the combustion process.

The fuel injection system makes use of the fuel pump for delivering the much needed fuel from the tank onto the internal combustion engine. As a point of reference, there are two main types of fuel pumps being used in cars and all kinds of vehicles — the mechanical pump and the electric pump. The mechanical pump usually found in old models is not that efficient because it has the tendency to make the gasoline boil. This occurrence vaporizes some of the gasoline, making it unusable. The electric pump on the other hand is placed inside the fuel tank. This is very beneficial because it has less chances of vaporizing the gasoline and any unused fuel goes right back to the tank allowing it to be used in another cycle.

The fuel pump is also very much prone to breakdowns especially those used in off-road and SUVs like the Land Rover. If you hear unusual noise coming from your engine when you start that car, you can take that as a sign. You should also suspect a damaged fuel pump if you ran your tank out of gas. Changing damaged fuel pump is always the best remedy in bringing back the good performance of your Land Rover.

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