Your Jeep Cherokee fuel system feeds your engine the fuel it needs to run. If anyone of its parts break down your engine will not run. All the components have to be in top working condition to ensure that you drive down the road safety and smoothly. The fuel is basically stored in the fuel tank. A fuel pump gets the fuel from the tank and delivers it through a fuel filter to the carburetor or fuel injector which is then delivered to the cylinder chamber for combustion. A fully functional fuel pump in your Jeep Cherokee is vital in your vehicle to ensure that your engine gets the right amount of fuel it needs.

The Jeep Cherokee fuel pump basically works in pumping fuel to the engine. Some fuel injected engines have two fuel pumps, one low pressure/high volume supply pump in the fuel tank and one high pressure/low volume fuel pump on or near the engine. There are typically two types of fuel pumps, the mechanical and electric pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are used mostly by carbureted cars while electric pumps are used by fuel injected vehicles. Installed on the engine and operated by an eccentric cam, the mechanical pump is a diaphragm pump. It has a rocker arm connected to the eccentric that moves up and down flexing the diaphragm and pumping the fuel to the engine. Electric pumps, on the other hand, can be located anywhere as it does not depend on an eccentric operation. Most electric fuel tank though is located near the fuel tank.

Fuel pumps though are also subject to wear and tear. It cannot tolerate too much engine misuse and abuse. Extreme pressure deregulates the float needle and causes uneven level of gas into the chamber thereby increasing the engine's craving for gas. Recognizing fuel pump damage is often not an easy process. So, proper and periodic fuel pump inspection is essential. When your engine starts to stutter, it may be in your best interest to immediately inspect the pump and secure replacement when necessary. If your car uses electric water pump, take note that the pump can either be low pressure or high pressure. These pumps look similar so be careful when replacing it. Do not prolong the use of a worn out fuel pump as it could compromise your vehicle's performance.

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