While the blood enables a human being to survive, the fuel makes it possible to move or run a car. Thus, the fuel, like the blood that relies on the different systems of the body, depends on the various components of the car's fuel system. The car's fuel system like your Jeep fuel system collects and delivers fuel to the cylinder chamber of your vehicle's engine. In the cylinder chamber, the fuel is mixed with air as it vaporizes. The result mixture burns to generate energy; that energy is then converted into a rotating motion which powers your vehicle.

This is of course achieved through the help of the fuel system's components which includes the fuel tank and cap, fuel line, fuel filter, carburetor, intake manifold, fuel gauge that indicates the amount of fuel inside the fuel tank, emissions control and the fuel pump. The fuel pump is considered as the heart of the fuel system because without it, the fuel will not serve its use. The fuel pump delivers an adequate amount of fuel to the engine to supply its requirements under all operating conditions.

But the purpose of fuel pump does not end there. It is also in charge to maintain sufficient pressure in the line among the pump and the carburetor in order to keep the fuel from boiling and it is also tasked to avert vapor lock. See how important your Jeep fuel pump is? So what would you do if you diagnosed that your Jeep fuel pump is bad and needs to be replaced right away? To have it replaced, for sure. Well, before going to an auto parts dealer to get a new one, make sure first what type of fuel pump your Jeep has for there are two kinds of pumps: the mechanical and the electric fuel pump.

Fuel injected vehicles used the electric type pump while carbureted automobiles used the mechanical fuel pump. Electric fuel pumps can be usually found near the fuel tank while the mechanical fuel pumps are installed on the engine and operated by an eccentric cam on the camshaft. Do you have an electric Jeep fuel pump or a mechanical fuel pump? Though the two serves the same function, it is still recommended to get a fuel pump matched to your car's specifications.

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