What happens when your Isuzu engine runs out of fuel? A very simple question that even your preschooler can answer, isn't it? Naturally, your Isuzu will stop running and eventually ceases to operate its other functions. From this, it goes to show that fuel is just like your blood that keeps you on the go. In automobile application, the fuel is an important factor in the internal combustion process and is used to produce energy. So, if the fuel is the source of energy, do not drain your vehicle from it otherwise, your Isuzu will just stay in your garage.

Every time you refill your Isuzu with fuel from a gas station, the fuel goes directly to the fuel tank. The fuel tank is where the fuel is stored for the vehicle's consumption. But how can the fuel reach the vehicle's engine where it is converted into energy? The Isuzu fuel pump is used to draw the fuel from the tank and send it to the carburetor or fuel injector nozzles. After reaching the engine, the fuel has to go to the carburetor under low pressure and to the fuel injection system under high pressure and this task is accomplished by the Isuzu fuel pump. The fuel pump is operated either by mechanical electronics.

Earlier vehicles used fuel pumps that were mechanically operated. Mechanical pumps are operated by lobe on the engine's camshaft that is mounted on the engine block. The drawback of mechanically operated fuel pump is that it creates negative pressure in pumping the fuel. This negative pressure combined with the heat from the engine causes the fuel boil. Furthermore, mechanical fuel pump does not only pump gasoline but at the same time can draw vapor or gases that reduces the ability of the fuel pump to pump more fuel.

Modern vehicles which include your Isuzu are already equipped with electronic fuel pump. The Isuzu electronic fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump mounted inside the fuel tank brought out several advantages such as: it no longer pumps vapor, it creates positive pressure that pushes the fuel to the engine, it is least likely to cause fire since it is submerged in cool liquid, and it reduce the chance of fuel boiling since it is located far from the engine.

However, wearing of engine parts is inevitable and this is true not only to the engine parts but to the entire vehicle. And your Isuzu fuel pump is not spared from going through wear and tear condition. Some other causes like loose electrical connections, blown fuse and open relay from the ignition switch may contribute to the premature failure of your Isuzu fuel pump. If it is due time to replace your Isuzu fuel pump, purchase its replacement from Parts Train. Parts Train guarantees superior quality fuel pumps and other replacement parts and accessories.