What makes a superb driving performance? The basic answer to that is an excellent combustion. But what makes an excellent combustion? Well, another basic answer is the balance amount of air and fuel that is being supplied to the engine for burning and for power production. Air and fuel are the primary substances needed to generate the horsepower and torque that keeps your Hummer alive and kicking. While air is handled by the air intake system, the fuel is handled by the fuel injection system. Each of these two systems has individual components that perform specific functions that will ultimately lead to the power generation that takes place in the engine. Out of the many components involved in the process, one remarkable part is your Hummer fuel pump.

The fuel pump is a component of the fuel injection system. Typically located inside the fuel tank where the fuel is stored when not in use, the pump is responsible for delivering the fuel into the engine. It is operated by the battery of your auto and is activated whenever you turn on the ignition switch. By generating positive pressure, it pushes the fuel from the tank, through the fuel lines, and into the fuel injector. The injector receives the pressurized fuel and opens and closes to spray it into the engine cylinder in a sufficient quantity.

A high performance fuel injection system demands a high performance fuel pump, something that is able to supply the needed amount of fuel into the fuel injector. The pump has to efficiently operate to ensure that there is always a sufficient amount of fuel available to the engine for combustion. However, the fuel pump may fail after some time, thus diminishing the performance of your vehicle. When this happens, you need to get a new fuel pump if you wish to get the best out of your auto.

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