For enormous power gains, speed up your Honda Civics' fuel delivery with heavy duty and high performance fuel pump. Investing in heavy duty fuel system will result to a jaw-dropping power output that would remove the bottleneck from your fuel system. Your Honda Civic fuel pump basically functions in drawing fuel from the fuel tank and delivering it to the engine. There are two types of pumps available in the market, the mechanical and electric fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are used on carbureted cars that produce low pressure and usually driven by the engine. Electric fuel pumps, on the other hand, are used in most cars these days because of the universal application of fuel injection. Located inside the gas tank, the pump has a strainer at its pickup to sort out contaminants and uses an electric motor for power.

Built from high grade materials, fuel pumps are expected to last for miles and miles of application with proper maintenance. At first sign of pump failure, immediate replacement should be secured. Letting your competent technician inspect your fuel pump can help identify pump problem quickly. A good rule to follow when it comes to fuel pump maintenance is to replace it at the recommended interval of the manufacturer. Signs of a faulty fuel pump include engine hesitation, poor performance, stalling and a loud pump whine. Replacing the fuel pump usually needs the removal of the fuel tank. So unless you are a competent mechanic, it is best to leave the replacement job to your service technician.

There several types of fuel pump available in the market today. Carefully choose the right fitting pump for your car to ensure precise fitment. Get high performance pumps for your car as low flow pumps may strangle your engine and stifle performance. When it comes to fuel pump selection, the strength and materials selection of the part construction determines the quality it offers. Investing with quality and high performance pump is never wrong economy as it is designed to be a precision fitting product that customizes a highly functional performance to your ride.

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