Experience a breathless ride only from a Honda drive. Fasten your seatbelt and the rest is a total exhilaration as you rush from turns after turns, cutting blind curves and running though with the speed beyond your limit. This is what a total performance is all about. Equipped with a powerful engine and refined suspension embodied in an aggressive look and yet so stylish, there is nothing more a Honda owner could ask for.

What makes your Honda so energetic? It is in the blood they say. The fuel that runs through the entire Honda engine is the source of all this energy. The fuel has to be continuously and efficiently delivered to the Honda engine so as not to disrupt its powerful performance. This can be done only with the help of a Honda fuel pump. A Honda fuel pump is the device used to draw the fuel from the fuel tank and has to be delivered under low pressure to the carburetor or under high pressure to the fuel injection system. A fuel can be operated in two ways: through mechanical and electrical.

Mechanically operated fuel pump was used in earlier cars that were built before 1970. A lobe on the engine's camshaft drives the fuel pump and creates negative pressure that "sucks" the fuel though the fuel lines. However, the pressure from the pump when combined with heat from the engine could cause the gasoline to boil. An electronically operated fuel pump is usually located inside the fuel tank. The strategic location of an electric pump makes it unsusceptible to cause a fire. The electric fuel pump continuously functions as long as the ignition switch is on which then activates a relay that handles the higher current load.

Nowadays, some cars and that includes your Honda, are equipped with electronic control unit with a safety logic that shuts off the electric fuel pump in the event of an engine bearing damage or a non stalled engine as such in a car accident. Any damage to your fuel pump will greatly affect the engine performance of your Hyundai vehicle. As your vehicle gets older, so with the parts that makes it up. Wear in the brushes, armature bushings, rollers and gears are some manifestations that your Hyundai fuel pump will start to fail. If the fuel pump stops functioning, try to check first the pumps' electrical connections for a loose wire, blown fuse or open relay.

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