Feel the adrenaline of your GMC vehicle as it relinquishes its power over a rugged terrain. There is a lot of excitement you can feel in your off road or even a plain street driving with your GMC vehicle especially if the GMC engine is performing at its best. To maintain the powerful performance of the engine, the GMC fuel pump should be able to efficiently deliver fuel to the engine.

A GMC fuel pump is a vacuum device used to draw fuel from the tank and send it to the carburetor or fuel injector nozzles. The fuel that was drawn has to be delivered to the engine for combustion and to the carburetor and fuel injection system under low and high pressure respectively. Some vehicles with fuel injected engines have two fuel pumps. These two fuel pumps serve for the purpose as one low pressure/high volume supply pump in the tank and one high pressure/low volume pump on or near the engine.

Earlier cars are equipped with fuel pump that is mechanically operated. Mechanical pumps have a rocker arm which is activated by a cam on the camshaft. As the rocker arm activates, it causes a diaphragm to move up and down and pull the gas through the pump. However, the pressure created to cause the movement could cause the gasoline to boil. Likewise, the mechanical fuel pump that is designed to pump liquid could at the same time pump vapor thus; it will not be able to pump more gasoline to the engine.

Nowadays, most vehicles including your GMC model is equipped with a fuel pump which is electronically operated. Electronic fuel pump is usually located inside the fuel tank which creates positive pressure that pushes the gasoline to the engine. The good thing in placing the GMC fuel pump inside the tank is that it is less likely to cause a fire. Since liquid fuel does not explode, putting the Geo electronic pump in the tank is a safety measure.

As your GMC gets older, definitely same thing happens to the GMC fuel pump. Ageing takes its toll and signs will start to show up. This is the time that regular check up of your GMC vehicle should be done. If it's time to replace your GMC fuel pump, purchase it from Parts Train. Just browse through Parts Train's online car parts catalog and have the pleasure in choosing the best quality GMC fuel pump.