The fuel is considered as the most significant component on a vehicle. It is the component that allows your car to move and take you to your destination. But the fuel depends on several parts of your car's fuel system in order for it to serve its purpose. The fuel system is tasked to provide the fuel/air mixture to your car's engine. This mixture of fuel and air should be well-balanced to the load and speed placed on the engine.

The fuel system major components include the fuel tank and cap, fuel line, fuel filter, carburetor, emission controls, intake manifold and the fuel gauge that indicates the amount of fuel inside the fuel tank. All of these parts serve a purpose and absence of one will affect the overall performance of the fuel system and the driving machine as well. The fuel tank serves the most crucial role followed by the fuel pump.

The fuel pump is usually mounted within or near the fuel tank. The fuel pump like that of your Geo is assigned to do three jobs: first, it has to provide sufficient fuel to furnish the requirements of the engine under all operating circumstances. Its next task is to maintain sufficient pressure in the line among it and the carburetor in order to keep the fuel from boiling. The third is to put off vapor lock.

There are two kinds of fuel pumps: the mechanical fuel pump and the electric fuel pump. Modern cars with fuel injected systems have the electric pump whereas older carbureted vehicles use the mechanical fuel pump. The mechanical pump has a vacuum booster section that is operated by the pump's arm. The electric pump by and large utilizes a diaphragm arrangement similar to that of the mechanical type. And since it is electronic, it is obviously powered and controlled by an electrical solenoid.

And since your Geo fuel pump is a key component to your fuel system, it just makes sense to provide it the best possible care it deserves. But no matter how well you maintain its tiptop condition, it'll still come to an end. Actually, fuel pump failure is not unusual especially vehicles which utilizes electronic fuel injection. When the pump stops working, your car will just sputter and die. You will also experience as if your fuel tank is out of gas when there is. In any case, you can get a replacement Geo fuel pump here at Parts Train.