The fuel is considered as the blood of an automobile that in the absence of the former, the latter will be totally useless. Every time you fill up your vehicle with gas, the fuel tank is the one that is actually being filled up through the filler tube. The fuel tank temporarily stores the gas while on standby to be used for the engine's operation. However, it is quite amazing how the gas travels from the fuel tank to the engine. The passing through of the fuel from the tank to the engine is being made possible by a component called fuel pump like the Ford fuel pump.

In order for the engine to undergo combustion process, the air and fuel mixture should be ignited. But before that, the fuel in fuel tank must first be delivered to the injection system using high pressure, and to the carburetor using low pressure. This is where the function of the fuel pump comes in. A fuel pump is a mechanical or electrical device used to move the stored fuel from the fuel tank to the engine compartment to be used for the combustion process.

Older vehicles use a mechanical fuel pump that is driven by a lobe on the engine's camshaft. It is connected to the engine or on the frame rail between the fuel tank and the engine assembly. It is responsible for the pumping of the gasoline to the engine through the creation of positive pressure along the fuel lines. It only starts to function as soon as the ignition switch is turned on by activating a relay that will take care of the higher current load which the fuel pump will need to function.

However, due to constant and long use, fuel pumps also experience some problems, being damaged and gradually deteriorate. In some cases, especially when the driver improperly applies pressure on the fuel pedal, the fuel pump easily wears out a lot sooner than expected. For this reason, regular check on the fuel pump should be done. It only takes little time to see if the fuel pump has signs of wears. Given that the your vehicle's fuel pump is damaged and the problem is only minor, have it fixed right away, but the problem is already way beyond repair, have it replaced as soon as possible.

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