Automobiles usually make use of internal combustion engines in order to function. Most car manufacturers make use of this type than any other because it is flexible and can be employed in different ranges of speed. A very important component of the internal combustion engine is the fuel pump. If your car operates by means of fuel injection, there usually are two types of fuel pumps used — the low pressure/high volume supply tank and the other one is the high pressure/low volume pump. The fuel pump is really essential because it pumps fuel from the fuel tank going to the engine. Once it reaches the engine it is then delivered right through the carburetor or to the fuel injection system.

The old or classic cars that we see today usually feature a mechanical pump in the engine while the more modern vehicles have the electric pump. Comparing it to today's type of pump, the mechanical one is not so efficient because in its process, the tendency is to make the gasoline boil thus vaporizing some of it. Since the fuel pump is designed to transmit liquid and not vapor, it will not be able to supply the fuel or gasoline needed by the engine that could result to its dying out. For the electric pump the fuel pump is typically installed inside the fuel tank. This enables the efficient transmission of fuel to the engine by means of the positive pressure in the fuel lines.

More and more car manufacturers these days are encouraged to produce extra efficient fuel pumps for the market. And these products can be expected to last for quite some time with the right maintenance. Some of the factors that usually are the culprits in the fuel pump deterioration include the pressure due to lack of lubrication as well as the heat produced inside the engine. If your engine usually displays this kind of state, your fuel pump will be forced to work extra hard in order to compensate for the lack of fuel supply to the engine. This in turn is not good for the pump's overall condition.

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