Since your vehicle's gas tank is located very far from the actual engine, the gas delivery system has to use a special pump to push enough gasoline to the combustion chamber. A faulty Dodge Spirit fuel pump can cause gas delivery troubles, preventing the engine from getting gasoline to keep the car up and running. Now in a worst case scenario, your engine might not start due to an old fuel pump.

There are many reasons as to why this component fails. If a fuel filter gets clogged with dirt, the gasoline pump will quickly wear out; this part'll have to actually pump harder to get the fuel through the blocked filter. The gunk that's clogging the actual filter might also get stuck in the pump, forcing this component to break down faster. Fortunately this pump is quite easy to replace. When shopping for a shiny, new Dodge Spirit fuel pump, consider the manufacturer, the main materials used, and if it's suitable with your ride's specifications.

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