Your Daihatsu vehicle that has just been fuel-filled from the gas station suddenly starts to give you a hard time while you drive. In an instinct, you check on the engine but you see no problem. You check on the batteries, again no problem found there either. You check on your fuel level, it is almost full, and yet you cannot move on swiftly. As a last resort, you take your vehicle to your reliable handyman and finds out that the problem is within its fuel system. It is with your Daihatsu fuel pump, a small fuel system component that is located inside the fuel tank.

The fuel pump is a small tubular component of the fuel system that pushes the fuel to the engine where it will be combusted to generate horsepower. This pump is classified between the mechanical fuel pump and the electrical fuel pump. The mechanical pumps were massively used among older models of vehicles and are located on the frame rails between the engine and the fuel tank, while the electrical fuel pumps are popularly used these days among the newer vehicle models and are located in the fuel tank.

Your Daihatsu fuel pump works to push the fuel to the engine by creating positive high pressure in the fuel injection system or low pressure in the carburetor. The fuel injectors are the latest devices used to spray fuel to the engine cylinders while the carburetors are used in older types of autos. After the fuel has been delivered into the engine, combustion now takes place. The fuel pump works very hard to ensure that the engine is given the sufficient amount of fuel that it needs to be able to produce the power that will run your Daihatsu.

The fuel pump plays an important role in the achievement of your auto's peak performance. But just like any other high performing part, it will fail at some given time. It may suffer wear in its brushes, armature bushings, rollers or gears, and pump vanes because of the gradual loss of pressure and flow. So when the problem you've been encountering is because of a damaged fuel pump, better have a replacement.

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