Aside from all the under-the-hood parts needed for your vehicle to achieve its peak performance, a very important fluid is vital to its running and operation — the fuel. Fuel is the adrenaline of your Daewoo model. But how does it reach the engine so that it can be used to generate the horsepower that your auto needs? This is through the fuel system. And the specific component in your Daewoo fuel system that is responsible for such function is your Daewoo fuel pump.

The fuel system operates through its various components. When you stop by the fuel station to fill your fuel tank, the fuel travels down a filler tube and to the tank. When you start your engine, the fuel pump that is inside the tank is also automatically turned on. It is powered by a relay that handles the higher current load that it needs to function. It pushes the fuel from the tank to the engine by creating positive high pressure in the fuel injection system, which is used among newer vehicle models, or low pressure in the carburetor that is employed among older vehicle models. Then, the production of horsepower begins.

Fuel pumps are largely classified between the mechanical pumps and the electrical pumps. These two differ according to the vehicles in which they are used and the driving forces that power them. The mechanical fuel pump is greatly used with the carburetor among older models of vehicles. It is driven by a lobe in the engine camshaft and is attached to the engine or to the rails between the fuel tank and the engine. The electric fuel pump, on the other hand, is used among newer breeds of automobiles and is massively partnered with fuel injectors. This pump is run by the auto battery through the relay and is located inside the fuel tank.

Fuel pumps are small giants in the achievement of peak performance in your Daewoo vehicle. But just like any other high performing part, it will reap the consequences of its heavy duty through time. It may accumulate wear in its brushes, armature bushings, rollers or gears, and pump vanes due to gradual loss of pressure and flow. Do not panic when your fuel pump suddenly stops working. Check your electrical connections first to see if they are the cause of the problem. However, if you find out that the pump is damaged and is beyond repair, Parts Train will help you through.

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