If blood and water are the vital fluids the human body needs in order for its organs and systems to work, the car also requires water and fuel in order for it to run. Fuel is the car's most essential requirement since it's the one used in the internal combustion process. Burning up of fuel is made possible through the fuel system that facilitates the flow of pressurized fuel into the fuel injectors. The fuel system is made of the several important elements: fuel pump, fuel filter, injector and fuel pressure regulator.

The fuel pump is the one responsible for drawing out fuel from the tank to the injector using high pressure. There are two fuel pumps used in fuel injected engines: one is located in the tank for delivering high volume fuel supply to pump at a low pressure and the other one is on or near the engine used for delivering low volume fuel at high pressure. But if your car engine makes use of carburetor instead of fuel injection system, the fuel pump only makes use of low pressure in delivering fuel to that part.

Generally there are two kinds of pumps used in cars. Prior to the late 1970's the kinds of pumps installed in vehicles were mechanically operated. This kind of pump was bolted onto the engine block and is driven by a lobe in the engine's camshaft. The drawback about this kind of pump is that it has the tendency to make the gasoline boil, vaporizing it thus rendering it useless. Another kind of fuel pump that is used in modern types of vehicles is the electric pump. This is typically installed inside the fuel tank making it easier to create positive pressure in the fuel lines needed for pushing the gasoline to the engine. If there is excess fuel pumped along the fuel lines not used in the particular cycle, it goes back to the tank to be used in the next rotation.

Fuel pump malfunction is not unheard of. This usually happen because of neglect and improper car maintenance. Lack of lubrication puts more pressure in the pump making it work harder. Excessive heat from the engine is another culprit in the fuel pump deterioration.

Chrysler models are usually installed with multi-point injection system. This kind of system gives the car an efficient engine performance. But if your Chrysler car suddenly breaks down because of an inefficient fuel pump, you can come to Parts Train. We have a wide variety of Chrysler fuel pump that you can choose from.