The Chevrolet Vega fuel pump isn't a part that should be taken lightly; it's a crucial portion of the internal-combustion system-the fuel and air burning technology that lets your vehicle do exactly what it's meant to do. While your Chevrolet Vega is actually a tough machine in its own right, with a damaged fuel pump, it may not be able to work as it needs to.

If you're lucky, you'll immediately feel the engine misfires caused by a damaged Chevrolet Vega fuel pump; if you're not so fortuitous, you'll promptly be treated to stalling. During startup, your Chevrolet Vega will have a problem, if it even starts in the least. Don't tackle the fuel pump issue promptly and you'll be treated to a whole lot worse problems including reduced fuel useage from your disfunctional, unclean engine.

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