Since your car's gasoline tank is placed far away from the engine, the gas delivery unit requires a special pump to force enough fuel into your car's main injectors. Without the Chevrolet Nova fuel pump, the car engine may not get enough gasoline, which can then result into a variety of car problems. During a worst case scenario, your engine might not start at all all because of an old fuel delivery pump.

Several vehicle problems might be behind a fully busted pump. A possible culprit is a debris-filled fuel filter; once this filter goes bad, the pump is pushed to work beyond its limits. The gunk that's blocking the actual filter might also get into the pump, forcing this auto part to deteriorate faster. Good thing this auto component is quite easy to fix. When looking for a brand-new Chevrolet Nova fuel pump, consider the manufacturer, the main materials it's composed of, and its compatibility with your car make and model.

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