Because your car's gas tank is placed far away from the actual engine, the gas delivery unit has to use a fuel pump to push fuel into the main injectors. Without the right Cadillac Escalade fuel pump, the car engine may not get enough gasoline, which may then result into different car problems. In a worst case scenario, the engine might not start because of a broken gasoline pump.

Various car issues might actually lead to a damaged pump. One possible culprit is a jammed gasoline filter; once this filter gets clogged, your ride's pump is forced to work beyond its limits. It's highly possible for this pump to get jammed with grime from the gasoline filter, so make sure to regularly check the filter for symptoms of damage. Now good thing this auto component is very easy to repair. When shopping for a new Cadillac Escalade fuel pump, take note of the brand, the main materials it's made of, and its suitability with your car make and model.

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