Regular maintenance and inspection of your BMW car does not only keep your car running efficiently. Next to saving thousands of dollars in your pocket, periodic upkeep can keep you safe on the road and enhance your car's performance because you get the most out of its mileage and save much on fuel use. Keep in mind that maintenance is the key to safety. As such, every component of your BMW has to be maintained in good working condition.

The fuel pump is one of your BMW's components that necessitate regular upkeep. A fully functioning fuel pump can foster fuel economy and keep cash in your pocket. Because of this, it is essential that every time you hit the road you make sure that your fuel pump is in top shape. In most vehicles, the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. This enables the pump to maintain regular supply of fuel into the engine to help in the combustion process. Different kinds of fuel pumps are available in the market today such as electronic fuel pumps and automotive fuel pumps.

In most cases, the fuel pump can last for a long time providing a steady flow of fuel for thousands of miles. But after thousands of starting and stopping and long miles of travel the fuel pump will ultimately reach its limit. There would, however, be warning signs before the pump eventually fails to give you plenty of time to arrange for a replacement. Such signs include stammering during acceleration, bumpy running or stopping, misfires and reduced fuel mileage. These signs, however, do not appear all together. You may notice some of them today but they may disappear sometime after the pump has cooled down.

If you experience these symptoms frequently, it may be in your best interest to secure replacement as soon as possible before the pump fails on you completely. If you are replacing the pump yourself, take note of the safety precautions and follow it. Make sure that your car is supported by a jack before disconnecting the battery and removing the fuel from the tank. You can only access the fuel pump after you have carefully removed these parts. Dismount the old pump and install the new one cautiously. After doing so, you can now carefully reassemble the parts that you have removed.

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