Fuel is the life-blood of a car; without it a car will not be able to accomplish the purpose it is made for. This juice is very important in order for the combustion process to take place. Whether the vehicle makes use of internal combustion engine or heat engine, fuel is still very much an integral part in its operation. This fuel has to be supplied steadily in the combustion chamber so as to ensure the smooth flow of the whole process. To make this task possible, the cars are installed with the fuel pump.

Majority of the cars we have today cannot do away with the fuel pump because this part is responsible for inducing fuel from the tank to the fuel injectors. Another thing is that it produces the right degree of pressure in order for the fuel injectors distribute the appropriate amount of fuel in whatever kind if driving situations. In a carbureted type of engine, the fuel is supplied under low pressure. But for the fuel injection system, high pressure is utilized in transmitting fuel to the engine. Fuel injection system usually makes use of two pumps for obtaining fuel. One is located in the tank that can delivers high volume of fuel using low pressure only while the other one is situated on or near the engine and has the ability to carry low volume fuel supply using high pressure.

The fuel pumps installed in cars today are mostly the electric type. Manufacturers find this kind more efficient than the mechanical type because it generates positive pressure in the fuel lines that push the gasoline to the engine. The pump placed in the tank is very beneficial because it prevents the gasoline from getting vaporized. Furthermore, if it's inside the tank the fuel not used returns to the tank to be used for the next cycle.

A good functioning fuel pump is always important if you want a great car performance. Great cars like Audi deserve only the best parts around so that it will be able to continually dish out untarnished road performance. If your Audi's fuel pump shows some kind of malfunction the best thing would be for you to replace it. But don't just settle for one-size fits all kind of pump because it may not be able to deliver the steady fuel supply necessary for efficient combustion. Make sure you also make use of Audi fuel pump for replacement of the broken pump. You can get this kind of fuel pump in the list of stocks at Parts Train.