An essential component in a car and other devices employing an internal combustion engine is the fuel pump. Though some cars can never do without a fuel pump, other vehicles with specific engine designs count on the presence of a fuel pump in order to fully operate. Those vehicles that don't require the fuel pump make use of gravity in order to provide fuel from the tank to the engine after passing through a line or hose. In engine types that include a fuel pump in its assembly, the fuel pump is tasked to send fuel from the fuel tank to the engine or to the carburetor. When the fuel pump is placed before a carburetor, it should deliver fuel under low pressure. But if it functions in a fuel injection system, it should be able to provide fuel under high pressure.

Most of the cars today employ fuel pumps, while older motorcycle engine designs continue to go about without fuel pumps. In engine systems that employ a carburetor, mechanical fuel pumps are used to deliver low pressure fuel and are installed just outside the fuel tank. However, in fuel injection systems, electric fuel pumps are placed right inside the fuel tank. Sometimes, a fuel injection system can have as much as two fuel pumps where one is installed near the engine and the other inside the tank. In your vehicle, the Acura MDX fuel pump is placed right inside the fuel tank, ready to deliver precious fuel to the engine when required.

The Acura MDX fuel pump takes a major role in making sure that fuel is provided to the engine at the right time. It is electronically controlled and monitored by an onboard computer. It is also the task of the engine computer to make sure that the fuel injector valve is opened and closed at the right time and duration. Apart from the fuel pump, the fuel tank, the fuel injector and the carburetor are important components needed for an entire fuel supply system to function.

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