The fuel efficiency and emission laws are the main reason why the fuel injection system in modern vehicles has undergone so many changes over the past years. Throttle body fuel injection system replaced the carburetors. This system integrated fuel injector valves that are controlled electronically. Since it was nearly a bolt-in replacement for the automotive carburetors, the engine doesn't have to undergo radical modifications.

And because new engines were redesigned, the multi-port fuel injection was used to replace the throttle body fuel injection. Otherwise called as sequential, multi-point or port fuel injection, the multi-port fuel injection contains a fuel injector for every cylinder. These injectors are positioned in a way that they squirt correctly at the intake valve. Such fuel injection system delivers quicker response and more precise fuel metering. It doesn't only give better control for the vehicle's emissions, performance and fuel efficiency but also eliminate most of the maintenance needs of the carburetor.

One of the most significant components of the fuel injection system is the fuel injector. It is just like an old relay that pulses on and off in order to gauge the right quantity of fuel into the engine. This electronically-controlled valve is fed by the pressure pump with pressurized fuel. It is engineered to be capable enough of closing and opening many times per second. The fuel injector does its task by means of signals coming from the ECU or the engine control unit computer. The ECU works to supervise several sensors and inform the fuel injector when to send and how much fuel does it need to spurt into the engine based on the data input. Without the said electronic pulse, the fuel injector won't know what to do and this will cause the engine to run rough and to loss its power. You don't want this to happen, right? To avoid this, be sure that your Toyota fuel injector is in good working condition.

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