How are your Subaru fuel injectors? Did you have them checked when you had your tune-up? If not, go back to your car mechanic and have them checked if you're craving for improved car performance and enhanced fuel economy. Yes, when it comes to squeezing out engine power and fuel efficiency, all you need are properly working Subaru fuel injectors. But unfortunately, among the components of the fuel system that most drivers and car owners do not think about when it comes to tune-up maintenance are the fuel injectors. Your Subaru fuel injectors play a very significant role in your car's fuel injection system. Your Subaru fuel injectors ensure that there is a sufficient fuel supply in your car's engine. They are the ones that keep the combustion cycle in precise order. In order to do this, they are controlled by the car's computer system. While carburetors make use of a vacuum to pull fuel into the engine's combustion chambers, fuel injectors sprays fuel into the combustion chambers at regular intervals through the computer. They are installed within the manifold so that the fuel sprayed will go directly into the intake valves. Sooner or later, your Subaru fuel injectors will fail. As fuel burns inside the combustion chamber, small particles are left behind. These too small to see elements stick to parts mounted within the cylinders. As time goes by, these elements become larger deposits that deprive your car's engine from giving out maximum performance and notable fuel economy. Simply put, as fuel injectors become clogged, they could not spray the fine atomized spray intended for superb performance. Carbon would stick to the piston rings causing oil consumption. The best way to avert this is by having your Subaru fuel injectors flushed regularly, at least once a year. But in the long run, your Subaru fuel injectors would still come to an end and the only fix is to have them replaced. As soon as you observe strange workings of your engine, find a replacement fuel injector immediately. Do not delay the job or else you'll end up paying for costly engine repairs. Fuel injectors can be found in online auto parts providers. Just remember, fuel injectors vary in designs; every vehicle has its own specifications. So if you are in the market for replacement fuel injectors, it's a good idea to compare before making your purchase. In that way, you can be sure that the fuel injectors you'll get are just right for your Subaru. You can find a great selection of fuel injectors here at Parts Train. We have in stock fuel injectors for all Subaru models. Simply browse our online catalog and pick your choice.