A good number of drivers do not think about their car's fuel injectors until they break down. Each time they do their car checkup, their fuel injectors are left ignored and unnoticed, assuming that they are always in good working condition. Are you one of them? If you think so, then better change that attitude for like any other parts of your car, your Scion fuel injectors would also come to an end. Aside from engine overheating and lack of engine performance, poor fuel economy is also a major problem among drivers.

There are several reasons that causes these two concerns like old spark plugs, congested air filter, clogged fuel filters but bad fuel injectors is the strongest culprit among others. Fuel injectors can be clogged easily without you knowing it. What causes the fuel injectors to get bad? Let's find out first how fuel injectors work. Fuel injectors are the components of your car's fuel system that spray and atomize the fuel. Yes, it is the fuel injectors that squirt fuel your car's engine. They are mounted within the manifold so that the fuel would be sprayed directly to the intake valves.

Your fuel injectors are supplied with pressurized fuel from the fuel pump and are capable of opening and closing many times per second. A pipe called the fuel rail is the mechanism that supplies the pressurized fuel to your Scion fuel injectors. Now, when your Scion fuel injectors are energized, the valve opens to allow the pressurized fuel to flow out from a tiny nozzle. The shape of the pintle valve causes the fuel to be sprayed in a cone-shaped pattern. When your Scion fuel injectors are de-energized on the other hand, the spring pushed the ball toward its seat, which stops the flow of the fuel.

Because of the crucial job your Scion fuel injectors serve, expect them to fail after some time. As mentioned above, they can get clogged easily which could affect their efficiency. You can avert this thing from happening if you have your Scion fuel injection system flushed regularly. This way, you will not only save your Scion fuel injectors from early damages but you will also keep the valves and the piston clean. But if you think your Scion fuel injectors is beyond repair, then you don't have no other choice but to look for replacements right away. You can count on Parts Train for your auto replacement needs.