Fuel injectors have been through several changes to comply with the ever changing emission standards. In the 1950’s, only a few cars are equipped with a fuel injector system but nowadays, it is made standard on all cars including Saturn makes and models. Saturn fuel injectors passed not only the rigid emission standard but also the demand for fuel efficiency. Older car models including the not so new Saturn models made use of the carburetor as the fuel injection system. As catalytic converters come along, the carburetor was used together with it to provide the balanced air and fuel ratio so as to produce lesser harmful exhaust during combustion process. At the same time, the capacity of the car to use fuel efficiently is greatly improved. Fuel injectors used nowadays have electronically controlled valves that generated pressurized fuel ratio which must then be supplied to the various auto components in need of it. A fuel pump is used to transfer it to the different systems and components of the car. Inside the fuel injection system is a nozzle used to atomize the fuel for faster and easier combustion. A magnetic field is produced along with the power brought about by the combustion process. The magnetic field results to the movement of the armature. In turn, fuel pressure is generated which pushes the fuel out of the injector nozzle. Other electronically controlled fuel injectors are powered by solenoids instead of electronic valves. It requires information to be fed up on the unit to determine the amount of fuel to be supplied to the various auto parts and systems in need of it. Some of the pieces of information that must be taken in consideration are the pressure on the manifold, the idling conditions and the temperature of the air outside. Fuel injectors are commonly mounted on the intake manifold for the fuel to be directly sprayed on the intake valves. Fuel rails are also used for faster transfer of the pressurized fuel. Aside from the fuel injector, the fuel filter, fuel tank, fuel pumps and sensors must work efficiently for faster and easier transfer and flow of the fuel and in turn, promote the efficiency and functionality of the car. Should a new replacement is needed; it is a must to ensure that the new component is matched to the specs and configurations of the existing components of the fuel injection system. Varied sources are around including the top rated Partstrain.