Owners of Mini vehicles should always make sure that their Mini fuel injectors are in top-notch condition. This way they can be sure to get quality power and performance. Fuel injectors, in general, thumps on and off to measure the right amount of fuel in your engine. The injectors are usually located where the intake air runners attach to the cylinder heads. Each side of the engine has two injectors.

The fuel injector is able to effectively perform its function with the help of the engine control unit computer (ECU). The ECU checks the various sensors and informs the fuel injector when and how much fuel to deliver to the engine. Without the ECU, the injector will not know how much fuel to shoot into the engine. It might deliver too much, too little or even deliver no fuel at all.

After a considerable use of your vehicle, the fuel injector may rust and wear out. When this happen the pulses that inform the injector when to shoot fuel into the engine may not be effectively delivered. Extreme heat can also damage the fuel injector. If the trouble in your injection system is not immediately addressed you will experience loss of power, rough engine and poor idle. Some drivers settle for cheap injection connectors and oftentimes this is the cause of injection damage. If your injection starts to wear, then replace it with new ones for enhanced performance.

One way of checking for leakage in your fuel injection is to remove them from the intake manifold and operate the fuel pump. After doing this, determine how much leak there is in a particular period of time. Putting off replacement of your fuel injectors can lead to larger and more costly problems in the future. Damaged fuel injectors can also affect the usage of the others parts of your engine. So, to avoid total engine failure make sure that you replace a broken fuel injector right away. Take note that your Mini fuel injectors are developed for durability but they also wear out through time. To maintain your Mini at its best, replace your Mini fuel injectors as necessary.

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