Are you planning on enhancing your engine with high-performance exhaust system and high-flow intake? If you are, then getting good quality fuel injectors is the first step. Simply put, fuel injectors are nothing but an electronically powered valve that allows you to get tip-top gas mileage and horsepower. So, for a topnotch Mercury vehicle it is essential to have the best fuel injector fitted for your car make.

The fuel injector is the final course of the fuel in the fuel system before it is dispensed into the engine. Fuel injectors are usually installed in the intake manifold. This way they can directly spray fuel into the intake valve. There are a whole lot of sensors in the engine in order for it to supply the right amount of fuel. For example, the oxygen sensor monitors the unburned fuel intensity in the exhaust. If there is too much unburned fuel, the oxygen sensor informs the computer that there is too much unburned fuel and the computer, in turn, tells the fuel injector to spray less fuel.

Cars in the past use a multi-port fuel injection system. With this system each cylinder has a fuel injector that offers more precise fuel metering and faster response. The two types of control for the multi-port fuel injection system are the sequential multi-port fuel system that utilizes one injector that opens just before the intake valve opens and the other one uses fuel injectors that are opened at the same time.

Maintaining your vehicle's fuel flow at the right amount is vital for its smooth performance throughout its lifetime. Remember that jammed fuel injectors can cause reduced performance and fuel economy. Likewise, putting off replacement of your fuel onjector can cause more expensive and bigger annoyances in the future. For instance, reduced gas burning will affect the quality of exhaust generated. Poor exhaust production can also affect the catalytic converter, thus, affecting the byproduct of the emission. Take note that fuel injectors help protect our air and conserve our gas. So, always install new injectors when replacement is required.

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