Every vehicle has a unique fuel delivery system. That is why every car's fuel system is designed around specific type of injector, peak and hold. So, for your Mercedes Benz car it is essential that you use a fuel system designed specifically for your car make.

The fuel injector is one part of your fuel system that needs to be properly maintained. Fuel injected engines, basically, introduce fuel into the system with the use of a fuel injector that is computer controlled. The two basic types of fuel injectors are the port fuel injection and the throttle body injection. In the first type there is only one injector for each cylinder. The injector is mounted in the intake manifold in a manner that it is pointing towards the intake valve. As the fuel system opens and closes, the injector can precisely measure the correct amount of fuel to the engine as determined by the powertrain control module (PCM).

In the throttle body injection there is basically one or two injectors. The injectors are mounted in a housing akin to a carburetor and the fuel is continuously injected into the air stream. Electronic fuel injectors are much more complicated than carburetors. Nevertheless, this system provides a much more precise fuel delivery system. It also helps conserve gas by averting unnecessary fuel from being dumped into your vehicle's engine. In addition, it gives your car better acceleration and power. Nonetheless, whatever your choice of fuel injector is, your main concern is to measure the amount and timing of fuel to your engine's cylinder. The timing will determine the amount of fuel injected to your engine.

But just like other car parts your fuel injector will be worn out sometime. The pressures and complexity involved in its operation adds to the stress that your fuel injector is experiencing. Because of this they don't last forever and time will come that you will have to replace them. Signs that you have to look for in determining whether your fuel injector is damaged include detonations and misfires. When you start noticing these symptoms, it is a warning for you that you need to replace your fuel injector.

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