Just like any vehicle, your Mazda needs a good fuel injector. The fuel injector is that part of your fuel system that consists of a throttle body to control airflow, an electric fuel pump, different engine sensors, and a fuel filter. The injector is managed by the vehicle's powertrain control module that decides on how to control the injection system. These days, the fuel injectors have replaced the carburetors that were used for fuel delivery for many years.

There are several types of electronic fuel injection system. The simplest kind is the throttle-body injection. This works like a computerized carburetor featuring one fuel injector that's responsible in delivering fuel to the combustion chamber. The other kind of fuel injection system is more modern type that contains an indivdual fuel injector for every cylinder. This system is dubbed as multi-port fuel injection system. With this type of system, all of the fuel injectors send out fuel at the same time even if the engine cylinders fail to fire at the same time. Hence, the driver of a car with this type of fuel injection system gets a quicker response time when he steps on the gas pedal.

Very simply, large fuel injectors spray more fuel. When the injectors have reached their maximum, it is time for an upgrade. Fuel injectors can help protect air and save gas by putting off unneeded fuel from being discarded into your vehicle's engine. Additionally, fuel injectors provide the vehicles with remarkable power and acceleration.

Some carmakers don't recommend replacing the filter on cars with fuel injection during the first one hundred miles of normal driving. For them it is best to replace the filter every two years. Take note though that a contaminated filter can restrict fuel flow from your vehicle's fuel pump. This will significantly affect the life of your car. Just the same, fuel injectors need to be replaced due to wear, contamination or leakage. Obviously, leaking fuel injectors are very dangerous and should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent a fire that could consume the whole car.

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