Designed to be versatile and top notch in power and performance, Land Rover has successfully become one of the most sought after vehicle today. Its multi-purpose feature has impressed a lot of car enthusiasts. Whether for off road adventure or simple street driving, Land Rover is able to fully utilize its exceptional capabilities. Sophisticated look, precise handling, and superb performance are what you can expect from this ultimate driving machine.

A uniquely looking and powerful Land Rover will, however, need proper maintenance and the best in component parts. From the engine down to the brake system, it has to have the best in vehicle part technology. Among the vital parts of your Land Rover is the fuel system. Without a fully functional fuel system, you can never expect your Land Rover to smoothly and flawlessly bring you to your destination. Embedded in the heart of the fuel system is the fuel injector. It is the fuel injector that ensures that there is steady supply of fuel in the engine.

With fuel injectors in your engine system, gas mileage is increased and engine emissions are much cleaner. A constant supply of fuel is, however, required in order for the fuel injector to function flawlessly. Your Land Rover fuel injector is basically mounted in the intake manifold. Each cylinder typically has one injector each. The fuel pump delivers the fuel into the injector and the injector measures the right amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine; these injectors works efficiently under significant fuel pressure. High performance fuel injectors used in race tracks are built more powerful than regular injectors. They usually have 250cc to 260cc flow rate per minute and a much increased horsepower.

Damage in the fuel injector is not often known until you have your Land Rover serviced. Even a small piece of rock or mud can affect the function of the fuel injector. As such, it is essential that you have your injectors regularly checked and inspected. Replacing the fuel filter regularly is also important to ensure that enough amount of fuel is delivered into the engine. As soon as unrepairable damage is evident in your Land Rover fuel injector, have it replaced right away.

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