Fuel is the lifeblood of automobiles; no car would run without fuel in it. Fuel is needed together with the air for the internal combustion engine. That is why it is important that the fuel is stored in a place that is leak free to make sure it does not leave you stranded anywhere. The fuel system is definitely one of the most important and integral systems in your vehicle. It ensures that the gasoline or diesel the car needs in order to run is fed to the engine. To do that successfully it gets help from the different components of the fuel system such as fuel tank, fuel pump, filter, carburetors and fuel injectors all of which perform a vital function in the process and that defect in any of it means an effect on the smooth operation.

The Kia Sportage Fuel Injector is a tiny electric valve that opens and closes with an electric signal. Its main responsibility is to supply fuel to the combustion process in the engine. A computer controls the opening and closing of the fuel injector to allow the fuel into the engine. In order to achieve the perfect ratio of air and fuel mixture, the amount of fuel needed during combustion is very critical. We want to avoid a mixture that has too much fuel or the rich mixture or a lean mixture meaning there is less fuel. These imperfect ratios can cause poor fuel mileage and an increase in smoke emission. Over the years there have been so many innovations to make the performance of your vehicle more powerful with greater fuel economy and cleaner emissions. Fuel injectors are such innovations which allow you to get great gas mileage while at the same time you develop additional horsepower and cleaner emissions. In return, it only requires a steady supply of clean gasoline.

For the fuel system to be successful and effective, it needs everything to be clean and unadulterated. Fuel filters are used to filter dirt off the fuel so no dirt can enter the engine. Unfortunately, tiny particles can still penetrate and lodge themselves in the fuel injector which can cause it to clog or stick it open. This causes the fuel injector's failure to deliver the correct amount of fuel the engine needs.

A dirty fuel injector can still be cleaned with the fuel system cleaner but if it is beyond cleaning then you should replace it right away. For your Kia Sportage Fuel Injector needs, visit Parts Train and select from our wide selection of fuel injectors.