Where does driving performance come from? You may have lots of ideas in mind — a turbocharger, an upgraded engine, a modified air intake and exhaust system, and lots more. However, before your mind drifts into the various technology-based upgrades which are becoming popular among many vehicle models today, why don't you start with the basic? The power of your Jaguar mainly comes from combustion, and the two main combustion ingredients are fuel and air. These two substances are used to create the energy that will power your auto to run miles. One of the basic components that you have to look into is your Jaguar fuel injector.

The fuel injector is a standard component of the fuel injection system, the system that handles the fuel that is being supplied to the engine for power production. It is a valve that opens and closes many times per second and is controlled electronically. From the fuel tank, the fuel travels to the injector through the positive pressure generated by the fuel pump. When it reaches the injector, the injector opens to spray a sufficient amount of fuel to the engine. The amount of fuel that is consumed during combustion is determined by the span of time by which the injector is open. This must be efficiently done to prevent too little or too much fuel sprayed into the engine. Otherwise, combustion efficiency will diminish and many other problems might be encountered.

The fuel injector greatly affects vehicle performance, thus it must be maintained. One of the things that you will need is an efficient fuel filter to trap the damaging particles in the fuel. When these particles are not removed, they may deposit themselves in the injector, clogging it. When this happens, the injector may refuse to open or close, which will ultimately result to failure. If this is the case with your stock fuel injector, then it is time that you shop for a new one.

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