The human body is very much like an automobile. If you have the heart as the center of your body, then the automobile has the engine as its counterpart. And to keep your heart in a tip top condition, you have to nourish it with nutrients and vitamins through the foods and liquids that you take in. This is also how you should take care of your engine; you need to power it up with the fuel that you fill its fuel tank. But how do you do this? If you need medium like your arteries and veins to supply the nutrients that you need, the International truck that you posses also needs an International fuel injector.

A fuel injector is a small electronically-controlled valve injected to the intake manifold of the engine. It is designed to receive pressurized fuel from the fuel pump of the vehicle at the upper end and consists of a nozzle at the other end where it is injected to the engine. When this is energized, an electromagnet moves a plunger inside it which opens the valve that allows the pressurized fuel to squirt out through the nozzle. This nozzle is especially engineered to atomize the fuel into a mist so that it can be easily burned by the engine.

Your International truck consists of many injectors. The length of time that these injectors are kept open, termed as the pulse width and controlled by the engine control unit, determines the amount of fuel supplied to the engine. The ECU makes sure that enough amount fuel is being supplied by monitoring several input sensors. These sensors include the mass airflow sensor, the oxygen sensor, the throttle position sensor, the coolant temperature sensor, the voltage sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, and the engine speed sensor.

The International fuel injectors are small in physical presence but are highly important to the achievement of the peak performance of your International engine and of your International truck as a whole. They must be properly maintained to ensure that your truck gives you the efficiency that has captivated you since the first time you had your drive test. But like any other performing part, these may fail you after a long period of service. Replacing them will be a wise decision.

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