The fuel system of automobiles has changed a lot through the years of continued development and innovations with the aid of modern technology. In the earlier eras of automobiles, carburetors were used to supply fuel directly to the intake valves of the engine. However, vehicles now usually employ modern components to keep up with the laws of emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The fuel injectors are among the modern devices developed and used today. The Hyundai fuel injectors that your Hyundai model is equipped of are designed to be more efficient and reliable.

A Hyundai fuel injector is an electronically-powered valve that is designed like the miniature shape of an atomic bomb, consisting of a plunger that opens to a valve on one end and a nozzle at the other. It is injected in the intake manifold of the engine and supplied with pressurized fuel by the fuel pump in the vehicle through the fuel rail pipes that connect them. The fuel injector opens and closes its nozzle to fire atomized fuel directly into the intake valve. This opening and closing is regulated by the engine control unit through the sensors bolted on the injector.

To better understand how the fuel injectors work, it may be helpful to look into how the entire fuel system operates. The fuel pump supplies pressurized fuel that passes through the fuel rail pipes straight to the set of fuel injectors which are injected to the intake manifold. When these injectors are energized, a plunger opens the valve and squirts the pressurized fuel into atomized fine mist directly to the intake valve for easier fuel burning. The opening may be done all at the same time or individually before the intake valve in the cylinders opens.

Every engine is injected with numerous fuel injectors, just like in your Hyundai vehicle. Although they are made to last the life of your auto, the Hyundai fuel injectors still require maintenance and attention for you to enjoy the efficiency that they will provide. Regular inspection must be administered prior to every driving expedition as a preventive measure. And when irregularities start to show, let your reliable mechanic fix them or, if beyond repair, get them changed.

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